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James Robbins will help your organization increase productivity and workplace engagement. He is a thought leader in the field of human motivation and its role in leadership, the workplace, and our personal lives. He is a rare mix of management consultant, adventurer and motivational speaker. James helps organizations increase engagement and lower staff turn over through his keynotes and programs.

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Motivational Speaker-Keynote Speaker-James Robbins

Join our community to stay equipped and inspired whether in life or leadership. Our Base Camp Dispatch is dedicated to make your life easier, and your leadership more effective.
"We have had other well known mountain oriented speakers and although they had good messages, their impact did not last beyond the day. James was able to not only tell an interesting story that was instantly engaging, he was able to cleverly deliver key messages that will assist our leaders and show positive impacts on their people and their careers."
- Robin O'Hearn
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Here you will find my latest insights, videos and thoughts on personal excellence and leadership.